Camp Director

Robin Gan

Camp Producer, Camp Director, Head of Activities

Robin Gan, White Water Summer Camp Director, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales. Having worked with a global electronics firm in regional marketing, he left the firm to pursue a Bachelor of Divinity in Moore Theological College, Sydney. Currently, he pastors a local church in Malaysia, with the support of his wife and his three children.

A little bit of background on this affable yet firm Director: Robin was active in debating, school drama and excelled academically throughout his schooling years. He is an active proponent of the youth and young adults Christian ministries, having led several in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.

This father of three will always be a boy scout at heart. He is a lover of adventure and nature in spite of being allergic to certain types of grasses and loves a good hike. As a man of many hobbies, Robin enjoys travelling, cooking (he can cook a mean steak and a taste-bud thrilling seafood spaghetti!), DIY projects (he designed his own house) and he finds Korean culture (including K-Pop) fascinating. Once, he attempted the World Championship Mountain Biking Track in Cairns. Quoting Robin: “I still have the bloody (literally) shirt to show for it.” He flew into a tree.

Robin firmly believes that teenagers should be allowed to be as active outdoors as possible in a safe and secure environment, and WWSC is the perfect avenue for self-expression, self-exploration and natural growth.