Dependable and trustworthy, count on the elves to be lovingly at your service


The Elves are WWSC's volunteer helpers, many of whom are WWSC graduates who miss camp and want a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city for time at camp in the great outdoors. They pay a reduced fee (RM 650) but are expected to serve in practical ways: maintaining the site, serving meals, etc. They also help the Assistant Producer in running activities. While this is a demanding role, Elves still participate in activities and games at camp.

Elves have their own Knowledge For Life (KFL) sessions, which are immensely helpful with learning to deal with life, uncertainty and the transition into uni life and adulthood.

To apply to join the Elves, you should be in pre-U or first year of uni. To register, please follow the instructions on the Register Now page.

Have questions? Please email registration@wwsc.org.my or call 012 237 0644.