About Us

WWSC Lite brings the White Water Summer Camp loved by so many generations of campers to children of primary school age.

All of WWSC's camps are designed with the same ethos of purity that Nature and an appreciation of God's design bring. We're inspired by the days when our childhood was a time of discovery, of fishing in a neighbourhood pond, looking for treasure in sand pits, and simply, the fun of climbing a tree and getting a new perspective!

The Dangerous Book for Boys
The Daring Book for Girls

Inspiration for WWSC Lite

We aim to provide a holiday experience that gives the campers a deep and lasting memory of being with new and old friends in a camp community, experiencing the outdoors and the physical and mental challenges in a way that is refreshing. For our younger campers in WWSC Lite we try to capture the essence of our year-end camp for high schoolers in a compact package, with the same innovative games that always keep our campers coming back every year. WWSC Lite may be shorter, and for younger children, but they will love it just as much.