Camp Counsellors

WWSC Lite staff are Christian volunteers who are committed to place campers’ needs above their own in creating a safe and open environment where campers can grow and feel accepted as individuals. Staff are divided into those who will have constant involvement with the campers, known as “counsellors” and support staff.

Counsellors are involved in the daily supervision of campers. They eat, sleep, play, learn and live life with campers for 3 days and 2 nights. WWSC lite seeks to maintain a high counsellor to camper ratio, which is at approximately 1:3, so that campers will receive the required attention and care and friendships and more likely to be cultivated. This year, we are expecting a total of 20-30 WWSC Lite campers and they will be sorted into tribes where they will meet their respective counsellors.

What are the duties of a Camp Counsellor?
  • Participate in all camp activities alongside campers
  • Ensure the safety of campers at all times
  • Ensure campers adhere to camp rules
  • Facilitate knowledge for life group sessions
  • Able to discipline and resolve conflict among campers

What are the criteria for applying to be a Camp Counsellor?
  • Must be a Christian who understands the gospel of Jesus Christ, able to apply Christian Scripture and believes in the Lordship of Christ
  • Must be a Christian who is rooted in a local church
  • Able to be a Christian example throughout camp by demonstrating a sincere Christian faith, selflessness, a pure heart and self-control
  • Able to maintain supervision of children twenty four hours for three days in an outdoor setting and must possess the stamina and physical fitness to carry out all counsellor duties as well as camp program over an extended period of time
  • Able to show responsibility in performing assigned tasks and submission to leadership
  • Does not quit easily, and has a can-do attitude to new challenges
  • Understands conflict management, has a healthy attitude towards problem-solving, is patient and level-headed

Boy Counsellors

Zach Liew

  • Bank Supervisor in Bank Negara
  • Graduated from the University of Birmingham with Bachelor of Science degree in Economics
  • A self-described thinker and a nerd, Zach is pretty much interested in everything and enjoys reading theology, history and economics.

Wilson Teh

  • Marketing Executive with OSK Property
  • Holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree from Monash University
  • Wilson is “adaptable, chilled-out, and a thinker”. In his free time, Wilson enjoys basketball, reading and laughing.

Joel Lo

  • Junior Admin in Feruni Ceramics
  • Holds a Bachelor of Communication degree from KDUUC, majoring in Marketing and Advertising.
  • Raised in Sabah, Joel is a nerdy outdoors person. He likes learning new stuff, reading books and growing in his understanding of the world.

Jonathan Chin

  • Product Manager at a tech startup.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Management from INTI Subang.
  • Jon is LOUD and is the friendliest person you’ll ever meet!

Girl Counsellors

Jay Lyn

  • Apprentice in Christ Evangelical Reformed Church
  • Former Public Relation Associate with Perspective Strategies
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, Communication and Media Studies from the University of South Australia
  • Jay is a natural outdoors and animal lover. She has a heart for youth and desires to be a positive influence among today’s young urbanites.

Kit May

  • Year 4 teacher in Nexus International School
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education with Honors from Taylor's University
  • Kit May is fun, yet motherly. She loves reading fiction, travelling and window-shopping.

Winnie Lai

  • Digital Marketing Specialist in Rexpo
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science and Business (majoring in Psychology and Management) from Monash University
  • Winnie is a former WWSC camper who loves WWSC and a typical girly girl who love colours, patterns, drama and art.

Emma Lo

  • Paediatric speech and language therapist.
  • Holds a Bachelor in Speech Science degree from the National University of Malaysia.
  • Emma works with children and loves them A LOT! She enjoys the outdoors and singing.