Parents participation

Parents are welcome to camp. However, confirmation is subjected to availability. While at WWSC Lite, we want parents to have fun too. Thus, we have arranged for some outside activities as well as some in-house camp electives run by WWSC staff like how to pitch a tent for camping, how to make a fire outdoors, making some memorabilia / mementos for the campers, and an opportunity to cook breakfast for them.

At WWSC lite, we'll take good care of your kids so you need not worry. They will have their own exciting programme independent of parents but with careful guidance and monitoring from the counsellors. We believe that this will enable campers to develop confidence, self-discipline and independence. We also have a number of professional photographers who'll ensure they capture some good memories of your kids, so you need not worry about needing to take your own photos.

For more information, contact Joshua Johnson at 010-781 2828 for more information.