FAQs answered

Who comes to WWSC?

Campers comprise of high school students, aged 12-19, who want to spend their school holidays having fun with their peers.

How many participants will there be? Why does WWSC have a limit on the number of campers?

WWSC seeks to maintain a high staff to camper ratio, which is approximately 1:3 at the moment so that the campers would receive necessary attention and care whenever needed. By maintaining a smaller number instead of a mass production approach, quality interaction and therefore friendship are more likely to be cultivated. This year, campers will be 96 in total.

How many facilitators are there?

WWSC has in total 30 group leaders, 3 per group. The campers will be split into 9 groups. Each group will comprise 8-10 campers. The staff to camper ratio is 1:3, some groups 1:4. There are 70-80 support staff on-site, to handle background camp operations, kitchen service, safety and logistics.

What’s the camp itinerary?

See A Day at WWSC.

What is the accommodation like?

Girls will room in dormitories. Boys will tent under the stars. All facilities such as toilets and showers will be nearby and separated by gender. Water heaters are not available.

How do I pack for WWSC?

See this downloads page for packing help.

What about transportation?

Campers all go by bus, together with WWSC staff. The campers meet at a common pick-up and drop-off point at Damansara, 1 Utama (liable to changes at any time, for which you will receive an email notification, should there be any). Staff will liaise with you two weeks before camp to clear any doubts you may have (either by email or phone call).

Will campers be supervised for all activities?

In all activities, we encourage campers to work with other members of their tribe. Having said that, activity leaders and tribe leaders are always on site to provide guidance and necessary supervision. We also have trained Lifeguards and First Aiders on-site for all activities. See also safety and security.

Why is WWSC 6 days?

There are many fun and educational activities in camp – 6 days isn't really enough actually! On top of that, spending 6 days with peers at camp allows campers to develop deeper and meaningful friendships compared to a shorter period. The time period facilitates learning better.

Will the kids be kept from vices?

WWSC is a smoke and alcohol free environment. Emotional or sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated.

Do you allow electronics in the camp?

Cellphones, PSP's, iPods, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices are not allowed. All such valuables will be turned over to the Director for safekeeping at the start of camp.

Who are the Camp Counsellors?

Counsellors are involved in the daily supervision of campers. They eat, sleep, play, learn and live life with campers for 6 days and 5 nights. At camp, they are known as 'Tribal Leaders' and 'Assistant Tribal Leaders'. Their helpers are affectionately called 'Aunties' and 'Uncles'. Counsellors are Christian volunteers. Most of them are university students and young working adults.

What are the duties of a Camp Counsellor?

  1. Participate in all camp activities alongside campers
  2. Carry out special tasks in preparation of activities as assigned by Activities Master/Head of Health and Safety
  3. Monitor children in the event of sickness and refer them to the Camp Nurse immediately. For children with pre-existing health problem e.g. asthma, etc, Counsellors are to watch out for any exacerbations or signs of children being unable to participate
  4. Facilitate group sessions
  5. Able to discipline and resolve conflict among campers
  6. Ensure the safety of campers at all times
  7. Ensure campers adhere to camp rules (see Camp Rules)

What are the criteria for applying to be a Camp Counsellor?

  1. Must be a Christian who understands the gospel of Jesus Christ, able to apply Christian Scripture and believes in the Lordship of Christ
  2. Must be a Christian who is rooted in a local church
  3. Able to be a Christian example throughout camp by demonstrating love and servanthood
  4. Able to show responsibility in performing assigned tasks and submission to leadership
  5. Able to maintain supervision of children twenty four hours for six days in an outdoor setting and must possess the stamina to carry out all counsellor duties as well as camp program over an extended period of time
  6. Physically fit (works out once a week, health conscious, believes in living an active on-the-move lifestyle) and able to perform physical labour in the heat of the day
  7. Does not quit easily, and has a can-do attitude to new challenges
  8. Understands conflict management, and have a healthy attitude towards problem-solving, is patient and level-headed
  9. Able to teach and facilitate group sessions of at least 8-10 people
  10. Must possess swimming abilities and strong stamina in water
  11. Must set an example in daily living exemplifying a sincere Christian faith, selflessness, a pure heart and self-control
  12. Must have evidence of a strong character and represents upright moral values on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and the online blogging community